Early Riser Double Hall


The Double Haul. If this technique can be so effective weaponizing 9 feet of fragile graphite, think of what the dark roast will do to you. It’ll buck howling winds and hungover fogs all the same, leaving fish gnashing their teeth and you wading that much deeper into the fray.

It isn’t just strong, its a nuanced blend of many of the good things in life. Per Kim, this roast is smoky, velvety, and chocolaty, all while holding on to a rich malted premium dark chocolate brown sugar pipe tobacco finish. Imagine the easter bunny puffing a pipe in a really old library, except it mainly just tastes like good dark coffee.

Per Kim, this exceptionally complex roast is a blend of African, South American, and Indonesian beans. The world may not be your oyster, but with the Double Haul Dark Roast, half of it is in your mug.

• Whole bean
• Ethically sourced
• Small batch roasted